Blindness….Our Relapse?

We are all blind
We see that in human plan
Nothing is worth the making
Unless it makes these cities glorious
If man unbuild goes
In vain we build the work
Unless the builder also grows

–Edwin Markham
Yes, society has been growing and progressing each hour of each day. People are learning within each tiny bit of a second; and within a minute, values and linear thinkings are introjected to our minds. At the course of evolution mankind was able to build the society we have now, and each structure man builds takes his precious time, spending his hours to construction sites, others to offices, school, and other institutions. The question is: Have we taken the instinct of living out of human behavior and totally relapsed it with a new brand of thinking that the human mind is not branded for?—-If this new kind of thinking regresses us to stagnation instead of our personal growth? Bottom line is, man’s intelligence has forgotten the human instinctual thought and human affect. Yes, people are so intelligent but they lack the emotion and the human instinctual cognition that would help them to psychological growth together with the growth of society.

Blindness is our relapse and awareness is our salvation.

Self-awareness is the key; and the rest will follow.


[This blog entry is copied from my previous blogsite.]


  1. pochp

    Wise words jeelc. Cheers!

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