Forgive But Never Forget

They say that its easy to forgive but its harder to forget. Yes, I’m afraid I have to agree with it. Some so called “inspirational” or “self-help” books or whatever you might want to call them would suggest that its better to forgive and forget! (No offense, I read inspirational books a lot.) I just find it rather alarming. What does forgetting mean? Dismiss from the mind or stop remembering. Is that what it means? Dismissing could mean forcing out, or brushing aside, pushing aside, ignoring, discounting, suppressing.. Uh-huh! It’s not easy to forget that it is why its never an option for me to forget. It’s like nothing happened at all when for a matter of fact it did happen.

The mind has its natural way of defense, and the more the mind uses it into every situation, the more insanity can be acquired. Let’s take into consideration forcing the self to forget, especially from a very strong and painful or from a traumatic experience. Since the memory is too painfully consuming causing poison to the person’s emotional stability, the mind uses the natural defense mechanism to ease away the hurt and the impregnable memory, resulting in a temporary alleviation of the discomfort. Like I said, only temporary. As long as the person keeps on using these defences, or exaggerated use may result in an generation of increasing distress, and the more is the distress, the more intensified the defense mechanism becomes. Consequently exposing the self to the vulnearablity to insanity or abnormality. How do you think dissociative disorders, psychosis, eating disorders and other disability or dysfunction occur?

Well..bottom line is the brain is so powerful, can even be powerful than the other organs of the body. Physiologically speaking, it is the brain that controls every impulse happening inside the body. With the mind’s power, it does two things to us; it can both help us and break us.

So why would I have to be in the state of oblivion when I can be free with remembering all my past painful experiences. Remember experience is the best teacher, regardless of the intensity of the emotion that coexist with it.


[This blog is copied from my previous blog site]



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