The Irony Of Moving On

Have we truly understood what it means?

Okay some person just aroused my thoughts when he told me that he has moved on. Its not that I don’t believe him or anything. I cannot judge him for I am not he nor can I tell him that he lies, for I am not a Sorcerers who knows when someone is lying.

It’s not that I don’t have trust in people nowadays, but I just don’t like the statement “I have moved on” or “naka move on nako.” I’m not even sure what it means. What I am certain about is that when a person says, “I have moved on.”, he is only trying to believe what he wants to believe. It’s not that people are bunch of liars but sometimes they just want to believe what they want to believe. I know because I have said a million times that I have moved on because that is what I chose to believe. I cannot blame people nor can I blame my self, for sometimes we become blinded from our words, because of our thoughts. And sometimes, we are not really as keen to ourselves as we are when it comes to other poeple. Now I ask everyone, have we truly understood what introspection really is. Or have we fully practiced and mastered introspection as anyone in Wilhelm Wundt’s experiments would? I doubt if I have.

But I am certain that there are a few who understand what introspection is. At least there are.

One cannot fully proclaim as he wishes when he himself does not fully comprehend what moving on means. And that he can only know when he has finally seen the truth though and within himself. Only can he declare that he has finally and truly moved on.

[This blog entry is copied from my previous blogsite.]


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