Carl Gustav Jung’s Dream

house of dreams

Hey guys! Before I’ll start with Jung’s dream I’d like to tell you that he is my favorite Psychologist. I’ve read about his works when I was still at the moment of my decision making of what course I might take for college. Indeed his works influenced me to pursue psychology, and that’s why I’m here in its grasp. Anyways, Jung’s interest somewhat paralleled to mine. Jung is the only psychologist who first considered hope in his works though he never emphasized it. Moreover, according to Victor Von Weizsaecker, it was Jung who first understood that psychoanalysis belonged within the domain of religion. That his theories compose the view on God as part of the Collective Unconscious and thereby present anybody’s psyche. He also emphasized that the process of integration is a state whereby anybody would want to reach. Thus wholeness is the everybody’s goal. Jung first got his idea on the collective unconscious when he had a dream, which Freud interpreted, and that which he disagreed. This occurred when Freud and Jung were both invited to lecture at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts .and for seven weeks, they spent talking and processing each other’s dreams.

Quoted under is Jung’s dream:

“He dreamt that he was on the top floor of an old house, well furnished and with fine paintings on the walls. He marvelled that this should be his house and thought ‘Not bad!’ But then it occurred to him that he had no idea what the lower floor was like, so he went down to see. There everything was much older. The furnishings were medieval and everything was rather dark. He thought, ‘Now I really must explore the whole house.’ He looked closely at the floor. It was made of stone slabs, and in one of these he discovered a ring. When he pulled it, the slab lifted, and he saw some narrow stone steps leading down into the depths. He went down and entered a low cave cut out of the rock. Bones and broken pottery were scattered about in the dust, the remains of a primitive culture, and he found two human skulls, obviously very old and half-disintegrated. Then he awoke—–”

To Jung, the house was an image of the Psyche. The top floor he called the conscious personality, whereas the lower floor he called the personal unconscious, while the deepest and darkest level he called the collective unconscious.

Wow! Amazing interpretation!



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