The Verdict


Reading between the lines tenders a sound judgment of ruddiness and inappropriate discernment to the circle which I consider my own other than just a simple organization with a vision, mission principles and goals. The overly un-potentially dangerous lines of the jurist who’s approximation to justice with little understanding and too much scape-goating injures me for the most part. However, this brass that I consider more than just a brass but a family the jurist see as a syndicate, a fake brotherhood and sisterhood of sort who’s vision they refused to comprehend and they denied to empathize. Little did they know that the people belonging to the circle have moved me in so many ways. They helped me find more hope and trust even to the vehement crimsom nails that lay on the grounds to the rotten grapes of the once purple sky that runs into the veins of mortality. Yes indeed, I see the rain now as merely a friend rather than an enemy. The hidden treasures were found and still on the course of venturing the pieces of gold, silver, diamonds and both beautiful and hazardous gems of no other than the objective person or form of the I. I saw justice and self-acceptance to the once self-denying food that I devoured, producing a consuming pain that blocks personal advancement. Though I haven’t reached full actualization, which only a few individual or perhaps no one except the saints and holy Lord Jesus Christ have, my conquest for the truth continues. The long while I ran from the darkest forests to the wildest domain of the wilderness, to the smoothest green pastures of Eden, the long while I discovered truth, honestly, pain, happiness and love. I found how transient they are, even hunger and thirst will soon depart and satisfaction will be palpated and falovoured. The being within me is a permanent resident. Emotions and thoughts are fleeting guests. Bodily impulses, desires and impressions will last. Only the constant, pure and true all powerful Holy Spirit the dwells within my flesh and will never stray and die even if my body will.

I owe a lot from FC, even if the panels of jurists around me declares the most unpeakable verdict ever made, I am ready to submit. Before I acted on a particular execution, I was aware of the possible consequences and I’m ready to face whatever torment is fixed to come upon me, as long as no one from my loved ones will anguish. So be it.



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