With Great Freedom Comes Great Responsibility

photo taken from Angelspit

I don’t care what you do as long as you do it. Do it to your best and make it happen. Don’t worry about what else thinks. Just do your thing. Your art will most likely appeal to people you haven’t met..and that’s really exciting. Turn the introjections off. And come out from your shell. Life is too short.

Do it with responsibility because with Great Freedom comes Great Responsibility. Do it and be ready for the consequences of you actions.

There was once a boy who kept on obeying his mother, to the extent to losing his self. He does things that he is asked to do even though he does it without happiness. Until there came a time when he finally burst to realization to get his life back. One day his mother asked him to do something for her. His mother was shocked with the son’s reply. “No mother. I’ve been doing anything you say without even asking me if I want to do it. I do things for you and do nothing for me. It’s about time I get my life back.” He said it with courage.

The mother replied, “Did you ever thought about the consequences of your actions son? For this I will punish you!”

He replied. “I am ready.” He never felt so happy his entire life until then.

That is what I meant by “With Great Freedom comes Great Responsibility.



[Blog entry is copy pasted from my previous blogsite, posted Aug. 26, 2008]


  1. pochp

    I just want to add this to your wise quote. I read this just a while ago:

    ‘The more you know, the more you see.’

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