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Bo Sanchez caught me off guard again!!!

Well, boredom sparked me off to find Bo Sanchez in my room.
(Not that he is in my room in person! LOL)

I found bunch of forgotten Kerygma magazines, issues from 2001 to 2006, pilling on my shelf. Bo Sanchez was once my favorite and still my favorite now. I never actually bought his books. Never! But I’ve pretty much read all of his books. Yeah, I spend time scanning and reading his books inside National Bookstore. So like I read them there! Yep, I don’t give a damn about standing for hours reading, as long as I’m not alone in the endeavor. Yeah others are with me doing the same thing.

So I thought I never had his books until now. Gosh! I had one. Man how glad I am! It was given to me by a friend on my birthday. I must have forgotten. Yeah! Too bad I can’t remember when was that or what year. Oh well, as boredom struck me, I read it and I could just remember how I actually reacted on the book.

Smitten! With a heavy blow on the face from my very own bare knuckle!

I’m inlove again with Bo’s work like I have always been.

So here’s my favorite part from the book. Love to share it with you guys.

From: How To Stop Blame And Find Your Personal Power

When I was in Indonesia, I rode an Elephant for the first time.

What an experience to be on top of that beautiful animal.
But here’s what amazed me more: How could a 6-ton beast be held
captive by a flimsy rope tied to his foot? All he had to do was sneeze hard
enough and the rope would snap. But like a tiny puppy, the elephant would
just stay there.

Later, I found out why.

When the elephant was a tiny baby, that rope was strong enough to
hold him captive.

At the beginning, little jumbo pulled and pulled against the rope-but
all in vain. Finally, the baby elephant concluded that all effort was useless.
So even when he grew in size and power-and can now actually cut that
rope with a careless jerk of its foot-it won’t. Why? Because the rope isn’t tied
to its body.

The rope is tied to its mind.

This phenomenon is called “Learned Helplessness” and it doesn’t only
happen to elephants. It also happens to human beings. After many failed
attempts, we give up. And we blame the rope for our misery.

Friend, what are the ropes in your life?

Remember: It’s not tied to your body. It’s tied to your mind. So you
can’t untie it in reality without untying it in your mind first.
You can do that only through the opposite of Learned Helplessness…


I’m just reminded of the time when I thought that I could never face my fear, which was my trauma for almost 11 years.
I wasn’t tied to any rope at all but tied to my mind.

I’m just glad there was one person who had helped me on realizing what learned power is. I owe him a lot. He is my teacher, my second father, my friend, and my idol!
Woooo..enough praises.
He’s just ordinary man but with extraordinary heart.
A very holistic peron. That’s what he is.

Thanks a lot.
You know who you are!



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