Quest For True Peace And Happiness

A disciple once asked his wise master.
“Teacher, where can I find the true peace and happiness?”

The wise master replied.
“Set forth on a journey and cross over the three mountains.
There you will see a temple.
In that temple is the book of Wisdom.
The answer to your question lies in that book.”

Immediately, the disciple set out on a journey.
He crossed through three mountains and found the temple.
He rushed to the temple in the eagerness and saw the Book of Wisdom waiting.
At once, he openned the book.
To his surprise and amazement, the first page was a mirror.
Thinking it was a trick, he turned on the second page.
Again, it was a mirror.
Puzzled, he continued to turned on the third page.
Another mirror.
It was a series of mirrors up to the last page.
Then the wise master appeared,
He pointed to the mirror where the disciple was an image of himself, and said;
“There! There is where you can find the true peace and happiness!”

–adapted from the motion picture,

Some people do so much searching for peace and happiness, believing that they only exist somewhere out there and not somewhere here, not knowing that true peace and happiness always lie on the image you see when look at the mirror. Peace and happiness lie within you, and within me, and within each one of us.



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