Top Ten Firefox Addons I Can’t Live Without

Aye!!! Right now I’m using Mozilla Firefox, and I’ve been updating my browser every now and then. Recently, I am using Firfox 3 (3.0.6). I have confirmed that it is really faster than the previous versions. There are lots about my browser that I really want to share with you starting with my favorite addons.

1. Web Of Trust (WOT). If you want to protect your computer from web bugs, online  spams, viruses, spywares and other unreliable, typically unsafe websites, WOT is just the right internet security for your computer.  The circled button is the WOT button, indicating an excellent rating for this blogsite.


When searching from Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other search engines, WOT rates each search results, and corresponding rating colors appear on screen.


An example below indicates that most of the search results are excellent websites against online threats.


WOT reputation ratings have four components:
• Trustworthiness
• Vendor reliability
• Privacy
• Child safety

Do you trust this website? Is it safe to use? Does it deliver what it promises?A poor rating may indicate identity theft potential, Internet scams, credit card fraud, phishing, lottery scams, viruses, adware, or spyware.

An unsatisfactory rating indicates that the site

may contain annoying advertisements, excessive pop-ups, or content that makes your browser crash.

Vendor reliability:

Is the site safe for buying and selling, or for business transactions in general?A poor rating indicates possible fraud or a bad shopping experience.


Can you trust the site owner, safely supply your e-mail address, and download files?A poor rating indicates spam, adware, or spyware.

Child safety:

Does the site contain age-inappropriate material (content that is sexually oriented, hateful, or violent in nature) or encourage activities that are dangerous or illegal?

Confidence 3

indicates the amount of supporting evidence.

WOT lets you customize your level of protection to make your browsing experience safe and enjoyable. To protect your family, you can even set WOT to block inappropriate content for children.

2. FoxTab – It  is a Firefox extension that brings a ground-breaking and innovative 3D tab management to Firefox. FoxTab enables switching between tabs quickly and easily. Works well with me because I’m fond of multi-tasking.


There are 5 fascinating layouts which you can choose from:

Stack – Thumbnails are 3D-stacked one behind the other.


Carousel – Thumbnails are placed and accessed circularly.


Row – Thumbnails are arranged horizontally.


Grid – Thumbnails are aligned on a grid.


Wall – Thumbnails are displayed on a concaved virtual 3D wall.


3. Cooliris – It enables me to view and search photos videos and other multimedias through a fast 3D wall, lets me zoom around thousands photos and videos on a single wall in my web browser. Also, I can launch Cooliris right away from my desktop, even without opening my web browser. Cool isn’t it?


Here take a look at photos I searched from Deviant Art right through my Cooliris application.


4. iGoogle Sidebar – This is a Mozilla Firefox addon that enables me to view my iGoogle Personalized Homepage for my browser modules in a sidebar with optimized layout.


iGoogle sidebar is on the left, and my iGoogle Personalized Homepage is on the right.


5. TwitterFoxTwitterfox is a  Mozilla Firefox addon that I use to receive updates from my Twitter friends, and post my own status without even signing in at Twitter website. It offers a fast, reliable, and easy access to Twitter right from my browser. It is also capable of opening tiny urls, tweets, and profiles  in a new tab straight from my Twitterfox to Twitter.


This is how Twitterfox looks like in my browser.


6. Delicious Bookmarks – The world’s leading social bookmarking service is just a click away from my browser screen. Even without going in directly from my Delicious account, I can easily access them through my sidebar and on my toolbars.



7. Google Reader Watcher – The Google Reader Watcher extension is based on one of the Greasemonkey scripts called Google Reader Checker. With my Google Reader Watcher , I can check my favorite  feeds regularly and share them over my Google Reader Shared Items.



8. Google Toolbar – Since I am an avid fan of Google, I use Google Toolbar for my browser. I can have easy access with my Gmail account through the Gmail button on the Google Toolbar.


9. Gmail Manager – I use this notifier for Gmail since I have multiple Gmail accounts, I use this extension for my other  Gmail accounts. Aside from that, logging in is much easier and faster.



10. Yahoo Mail Notifier – This Mozilla Firefox extension notifies me of the new messages that arrive in my YahooMail.


Okay! Those were my top 10 favorite browser extentions/addons though I am atually am using other Mozilla Firefox extensions like Ghostery to view if there are web bugs, javascript libraries and what other invisible elements is in my current page; Time Tracker, for me to track how I long  I have been spending my time online; and BlogRoVr, which notifies me of the recent entries from my favorite blog sites.

See more Mozilla Firefox extensions and themes Here.


And that’s basically it. I’m glad its over. I’m done. {sigh}



  1. Twitterfox is exceptional!
    Try your tweets with Twitbin, its great on your sidebar.

  2. Another reliable result

  3. Instead of using Gmail manager and Yahoo Mail notifier you could use WebMail Notifier. It can manage both.

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