Turning Twitter Into A Feed (Tweet) Reader

If Google Reader is capable of marking Read and Unread to your subscribed feeds, a new Twitter client called TwitteReader is also capable of marking Read and Unread to your friend’s Twitter updates. You may also star items that are added to your favorite tweets.

TwitteReader is simple unlike Google Reader, which has advanced features such a sidebar containing your favorite blogsites, and on the main window are the entries from these websites. Google Reader is capable of item sharing such as this one (my  shared items). However, TwitteReader also  has great features, like:

  1. Offline marking and unmarking read messages
  2. Page system
  3. Shortcut keys r-refresh, k-up and j-down
  4. No signup required
  5. Update Twitter (send messages) and reply to users
  6. Delete updates
  7. Favorite and unfavorite messages
  8. Message parser
  9. Messages auto-reload each 5 minutes

Take a look at my TwitteReader:

my twittereader

Addons include:

  1. marking system was remade. It is now based on offline marking (and unmarking) and on refresh or on leave of the “read” page, it will store the marks online. Much faster user interface and only one AJAX communication with the server
  2. when users delete messages, the system now detects them and delete their record on the database as well
  3. page system added. Each page has its own unread counter
  4. code reviewed and commented. Stable beta version 0.23 zipped and shared
  5. ‘r’ key, shortcut for refresh button added
  6. signup isn’t required anymore. Twitter users login with their username and password and start reading right away
  7. update Twitter over TwitteReader is now available. Just like in Twitter, you have your 140 characters to write and the update button
  8. unique link to message added to the options bar
  9. favorite status icon added. Soon editable
  10. reply icon added. Soon available
  11. number of characters left reset after submited update
  12. reply feature working
  13. @username links bug fixed
  14. create/remove favorite now available
  15. works on smaller screens now. Key interface was getting scroller to jump around
  16. remember username featu re added. Also, if you have save passwords on your browser, when username is inserted, it can fill in your password automatically and if there is a username a nd password it auto-logins
  17. delete (own) messages now available
  18. message parser updated. Well parsed urls and @username links
  19. after some feedback I’ve set mysql_real_escape_string() to all comunication variables
  20. install instructions for self hosting released
  21. shortcuts now working on IE (7 at least)
  22. shortcuts (keys) interface interaction optimized. Some bugs fixed

To sum it all up, TwitteReader is an extension to Twitter. Read More.



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