Today is a very boring day. At the moment I’m supposed to watch BNTM but I’m gonna pass. I don’t want to watch television today, and give my self some piece of solitude to reflect about me and things or people around me.

People are oftentimes highly resistant to change because we generally attend to information on the bases of our schemas, especially on our self schemas. In the process of our becoming whole, we tend to resist change. What and how we see our self may be a culprit to this resistance.

I am just reminded of the usual statement my friends from Kinse and other facilitators from the circle I am in. “I am I, you are you.” The speaker’s personal schema is on the bases of the “this is who I am, and that’s who your are” is oftentimes abused by most people. This type of thinking may only do two things, helps the person to maturity or to the process of individuation or hinders the person. It hinders because it is either not understood well, or abused.

The statement is a very powerful statement, and I see and feel how beautiful it is. But a speaker and a believer as I am needs to remember and bear in mind all the time that I am responsible of my self and aware of the consequences of my actions. Other than that, if my goal is to reach full individuation or actualization as  Abraham Maslow termed it, responsibility is not enough.

Sometimes in order to be better, there are things I should change for the better and not for the worse. My mentor and friend, who is like a father to me, told me one time that I don’t need to change. He spoke very powerful and strong words to me, and it made me cry and makes me cry even more when I remember it. I cried not because I hate what he said, but because I feel appreciated for who I am. And I will always remember that.

I don’t need to change because others are telling me to. I don’t need to change for others. If there would be something to change about me, it would be for my own benefits and not for others.

Change is existent. People change, the environment changes, matter changes, and almost anything in the world changes.


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