Four Girls I Love

First of all, i’m not in love with these girls, but i love them..hehe

Okay!!! let me start with my first fave, malloreigh of the suicide girls. She’s a bril!! she’s really beautiful, intelligent, talented and really fantastic. Well I first saw her on the internet when I was randomly browsing through models over flicker. She was with model Petrina Torgerson, and she was awesome. At first I thought she was a lesbo, but she wasn’t..hehe so i bumped into her flicker photostream and I found out that she is not only a model, but she’s also an amateur photographer, and a painter. So I googled her and found her paintings on Deviant art, and she has real talents. Other than that, she’s political in nature and she loves women. Well, she has been into difficult times,..yeah especially with her break-up with the x-boy friend. One thing I like about her photos is that every time I look at them, I see and feel the emotions that coexist with the images. Its as if she’s telling her viewers of her feelings while taking those shots. and by the way, she has a really nice tattoo..

Next is the pretty and stunning Charlize theron. yay! She’s my favorite actress. did you know that she was born in south Africa? aha.. and her parents are German and French (aint it sweet…?) She won best actress Oscar for Monster, a story of a serial killer named Aileen Wuornos, and the movie was really beautiful. My favorite roles she played was on the movies Aeon flux and North Country.

Thrid is Lianna Fowler, winner of Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 2..maaaaaan i knew she’d win from the very beginning. From the moment I saw her, I have always liked her. She is very sensitive and she’s a cry girl. When she was still on the contest, she was always the misunderstood girl inside the house. Unlike all the others, she has the worst posture during her fist catwalk, but she managed,. hehe. During the second elimination, she was on the edge of failing all her dreams, but thank god, she made it. and i could just remember my self jumping like crazy when the last photo was given to her, indicating that she can still continue with her journey to being Britain’s Next Top Model. ..haha..mura jud kog buang,

Last but not the least is Simone Simon of the symphonic metal band Epica. First of all, i love her face, her voice and her dancing. She is a good dancer. iI like it when she dances on stage. ahaa… She started singing when she was young at a choir in her church and was a metal fanatic at a young age. her inspiration was Nighwish. my favorite among all her songs is Memory from the The Cats Musical. love it 🙂

okay..these are only four of my favorites, i’ve many girls in mind..but they are on my top list.



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