Twitter Mobile Philippines


Sun Alertz allows you to update your status at Facebook and Twitter account as well as receive your friends’ status updates via your Sun Cellular mobile phone.




  • Log-onto your Twitter account via mobile by texting LOGIN <Twitter username> <Twitter password> to 2555 for free.
  • Update your status by texting TW <message> to 2555. P1 per text.

Available in Pay-Per-Use and UNLIMITED subscription!

  • BUY 1 –P15 per 1 day
  • BUY 7 –P50 per 7 days
  • BUY 30 –P150 per 30 days

Text to 2555. For example; BUY 1 to 2555.

Text HELP to 2555 for free info on Sun Alertz.


Globe UPD8 For Twitter allows you to access your active Twitter account through your mobile phone allowing you to send Twitter Updates and receive personal alerts.


  • Register to Globe UPD8 by texting  TWITREG <Twitter username> <Twitter password> to 2370 for free.
  • Tweet by texting TWIT <message> to 2370. P2.50 per text.
  • Applicable to Globe and TM subscribers.


phTwitters allows Twitter users to update their account via text available for GlobeSmart, and Sun subscribers.


  • text REG <Twitter username> <Twitter password>and send to the gateway number.
  • To tweet, text TWIT <your message> and send to the gateway number. P1 per text.

To send a direct message, text

  • TWITD <username> <your message>

The gateway numbers to send to:

  • GLOBE – +63-916-4967171
  • SMART – +63-929-3632359
  • SUN – +63-923-8852052


  1. lightningboy

    Is still up? I didn’t get a response to my registration…hmmm

  2. You see, that’s the problem with phTwitters. They’re using individual gateway numbers that is why confirmation message isn’t sent immediately. My advice is that you wait within 24 hours and check your twitter account again to confirm that your registration went through.

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  5. Rashley24

    san ba ko mag-reregister, dun sa globe or dun sa phtwitters?? haha=]]

  6. If you want cheaper, you go for phTwitters.

  7. denise alambra

    can i register both in and Globe UPD8? ’cause i haven’t received any confirmation message from yet. )=

  8. denise alambra

    thanks! hope you’ll answer my question. (=

  9. Of course you can. I’m registered in both, but I’m having problems with phTwitter, so as of the moment I’m using UPD8 since my network provider is Globe. The catch is UPD8 is very expensive.

  10. thanks, this answered some of my questions

  11. georgette

    how can i change the word UPD8 to Mobile web on twitter?

  12. Hi georgette, unfortunately you cannot change UPD8 to anything like Twitter mobile or Mobile web.

  13. Angela

    does phTwitters send tweets on phone too?

  14. I’m not sure angela. I’m not even sure if phTwitter is still on business now. However, i have a goodnews for you. I’m recently using Tweetitow. It’s cheaper than sunalertz and globe update.. read more

  15. I cant seem to connect to upd8 i hv sent my registration but I hvnt recieved a confirmation msg until now

  16. My friend has the same problem with Globe Upd8. I suggest you forget it and use Tweetitow instead. Tweetitow is the new twitter mobile client for Philippine tweeters :Sun, Globe and Smart users, and its cheap than Globe Upd8. Read here on how to register, and don’t forget to follow and thank @tweetitow and @owrange, for the credit.

  17. Vheyah

    Uhmm.. im asking a question.. If my number is activated to UnliTxt of globe.. will the one peso charge will still deducted to my load? or it will use the unli?

  18. If you are using tweetitow, which i suggest you use, your unlitext will do.

  19. this WORKZ… kewl!!!


  20. Jadecailao

    How does this work? Do my texts or tweets go directly to twitter or is there some sort of 3rd party that’s receiving, reading and posting my tweets? I mean like I send it to the number, then the receiver reads it and posts it using my account. Or is it all computer server like how yahoo mobile works?

  21. hey how to receive updates from a twitter user to ur phone~i cannot activate my no. to twitter. there is no PH there

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