Do I look bruised to you? Check my left eye.

Picture 0061s

I took this photograph on the evening of May 28, 2009. I was so bored I had no Internet. There wasn’t anything to do. I was unwilling to watch TV, though I was kind of revived from my frustration on that day, It still wasn’t enough. I tried to read one of my favorite books from Salman Rushdie entitled “The Satanic Verses” but I stopped. I just couldn’t stick with the lines, or I just wasn’t engrossed with the reading as I was before the first time I read it.  Maybe It’s really different when you’ve read a book the first time and you read it again the second time. [Undecided] On second thought, maybe not because I read the Sword of Truth series the second time around and I was totally into the books as I was the first time I read them. Maybe it’s my mood that’s affecting me. That’s probably it

So, like I said I took the picture last night. It’s supposed to be an emotive portrait of me. If you notice there are black smudge on my left eye. It’s actually make up. I intentionally smeared my make up to make it look like someone punched me on the left eye and gave me that “black-eye.” I was compelled to do it for no reason at all.

So, can anyone tell me if you are convinced or not, cause I am not.My face is just blank.

While I was doing this, my thoughts were on the song  from U2 entitled “Stay (Faraway, So Close).” I really love that song because it talks about women who are abused by their partners, and anyone who is in love but the other person doesn’t feel the same. I like the lines that say, “Three o’clock in the morning. It’s quiet and there’s no one around. Just the bang and the clatter as an angel runs to the ground. Just the bang and the clatter as an angel hits the ground.”



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