Meet Fifi


It’s obviously me, and the other one’s Fifi. My mother gave him to me when I was in high school, probable almost six years ago. Someone from my mum’s office gave Fifi, and my mum handed him to me since obviously she’s not interested with stuffed toys. Fifi has been with me for long years, slept beside me, heard my secrets, and if he was human, he is the only one who knows me that in depth; or so, I think.

I named him from the song “Fifi for you, Fifi for me,” which I heard from the radio that day same day when my mum gave him to me. Well, I’m not really sure if that was the title of the song, nor do I know who the singer is. I just find the song hilarious. If you ask me when Fifi’s birthday is, I just don’t know because I have a problem with my memory. I think I have selective memory gap. I sometimes forget things on a selective level.

A few days back, I applied for a Civil Service Commission board examination, but I was unfortunate to have not completed all the requirements especially a valid ID. So my father suggested getting my voter’s ID in our Municipal Hall. So I went there and got no ID. Comelec people told me that I should comeback the next year because they have not received my ID yet. Then one asked me when was the last time I voted, and I said I haven’t voted yet. I considered that a reason as to the delay of my ID. And so when I got back home, I told my mum about what happened and she totally hit me hard on my head (not literally speaking). I voted already the second time and I was like shocked. Did I? I tried to remember but I failed, and on the next day I remembered. Jeeper’s creepers!

Yes, I have selective memory gap, and I know it because it happened to me many times in the past. I sometimes even forget about what I did the day before the present day. I’m totally screwed up. I need to put my attention and try to work on my memory by observing detail of any events happening to my life. A diary is a good idea, but I don’t write a diary. I find it obsolete. Maybe blogging is, but I don’t usually blog all the things I did or do.

So, that’s basically it. And oh, here’s another picture of Fifi by the way:




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