Possible Solution to my Blog2Blog Migration Problem

I am still stuck on the blog migration problem. And while I was googleing, I found this, quite complicated but I will still try, and see what I can accomplish after. I will be blogging the result of my experimentation later on.

These are what I need:

  1. Download the script wptoblogger.py.
  2. Ensure you have Python 2.5, BeautifulSoup and Google’s GData Python Client.
  3. Create your target Blogger blog and note its ID.
  4. Export your WordPress blog to an XML file (I think this is only available in version 2 and above of WordPress).
  5. Run wptoblogger:python wptoblogger.py -u your_blogger_username -b your_blog_id -a author_for_posts wordpress_xml_file

Like what I have blogged previously, there is a limitation to every blog to blog transfer, and among them which I quoted from codesimple are:

  1. It doesn’t support multiple blog authors – all posts will be marked with the author_for_posts.
  2. A limitation with the Blogger API means that comment authors can’t be set (they always appear as the blog author). As a workaround, I prefix each comment with a “Comment from…” line (see the existing comments on this blog).
  3. Blogger impose a limit on the number of posts you can create via the API in a certain time period. So if you have a lot of posts to transfer you may need to modify the script to post them in batches over a number of days.


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