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Wheel of Faith

Wheel of Faith, originally uploaded by jeelchristine.

There is only one thing that keeps me going and its faith.

When I was on top of the world, I thought about how I feared life and most of the things in life. II wanted to retreat to safer grounds where no one is capable of harming the little girl in me. But things have changed. I have changed and I am happy with the changes in me.

I was as resistant to change just as people in the Philippines are. The fact that they fear PGMA’s Constitutional Assembly only mean how they fear change. And how much little faith do they have with PGMA and the government.

As for me I want change! I want to take the risk. It is not to break society’s homeostasis, but to make the country a better place–free from corruption and violence.

Things every Filipino citizen should consider.
Parliamentary Vs. Presidential system

window of the soul, originally uploaded by jeelchristine.

Plato, my favorite among the many philosophers and psychologists in the history of the life sciences, believed that the soul when still disembodied and separate from the mortal decomposing flesh has all the virtues and knowledge in the world. This disembodied soul is all knowing, and is perfect. However when the soul united with the flesh, it has forgotten all its innate virtues. It is only through the process of recollection can the soul ever acquire its perfection and previous knowledge. Therefore, learning occurs.

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