reading "the 13th hour"

everybody or not everybody but me and my friends and those who read about me or following me on multiply, know how much i love emily the strange perhaps because of her strength to be on her own, and her courage to stand for what she believes in. i envy that.

she is weird, rude, loner, nerd and selfish but i love her. most of all, she is somewhat a projection of me or at least someone i wanna be. she doesn’t care about people, nor do i (well most of the time). maybe she’s numb, and i am trying to be numb. i am introvert too and i love being with my self.

back in college, a few people who doesn’t even know me think that i am weird and they never liked me (or at least i think). it was then that i started not to care anymore. it’s just painful. the truth hurts but i accept that. with that experience i came to know my self better. i became comfortable and happy with who i am.

anyway, just earlier i was adding emily the strange comic series set one and two to my wishlist because i know i couldn’t buy them. it’s not that i couldn’t afford. it is just that there are other things more important than some expensive comic books.

i am a comic book collector (W.I.T.C.H.) or a magazine collector rather.

and then i search and found emily the strange torrent. gosh i was on cloud nine!
so it started and finished seeding within 10 minutes and eurika! there goes emily flooding strangeness on my strange mind. lol


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