im officially google waving..

i am an afternoon person because my ciradian rythym (biological clock for sleeping and waking) is set from 10:00 am through 1:00 pm. when i say afternoon person, i refer to a person whose activities start in the afternoon. also i sleep late usually from 11:00 pm because of the same reason.

earlier was a miracle because i woke up so early. and then the first thing i did was to check our love birds. we have five cute little love birds and one of them is pregnant (i guess) that why i am constantly checking on them from time to time. going back, yes i woke up early and then checked my email and i was so stimulated when i saw my invitation from rose buenconsejo (@owrange).

and here’s my first wave..weeeee

now i am definitely a google wonk! thank you for not abandoning me google. you are a god!!! haha


  1. I’ll really appreciate if you send me an invitation….

    thanks in advance

  2. owrange

    happy u like it. i really don’t get it until now. hehe

  3. hi luis,

    as much as i want to send you an invite, i am not yet capable of sending invites to friends since i am still on early google wave preview. as soon as google enables that feature and sends me another email, then i can send you one. don’t worry i am reserving that one invite for you. 🙂

    have a nice day.

  4. ehehehe 🙂

    great many thanks

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