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Yesterday I blogged about Twitter Wit, which is book compilation of the wittiest wits in Twitter, edited by a freelance author from San Francisco. Read Entry Here.

And now, I have discovered yet another Twitter e-book entitled The Reason Your Church Must Twitter, which was released in January 2009, authored by church technology evangelist Anthony Coppedge.

Twitter For Churches

If you’re a pastor, student minister, or involved with some type of ministry, your first reaction to such a resource title is probably something along the lines of “Awesome, I need to read this”.  Others who don’t follow the “faith” probably see such a book as one more tool to promote evangelism through a social network.  I understand both possible reactions, but what’s unique about this book is though it was written “for” churches, it’s not your typical “church” resource.  This book would easily serve as a  tool for any individual or business who would like to know more about Twitter and learn how to get started.

I honestly haven’t read the e-book but let me quote  from previous review. Read More.

Leadership is important to Anthony.  I don’t know that personally, but it’s clear within the book how much he values good and effective leadership, as well as the role of the church pastor.  The book devotes an entire chapter to pastors and leaders and explains how effective Twitter could make them with not only their congregation, but with their staff and volunteers.


“We read so that we shall remember the atmosphere and the reality we have known. In times to come, we shall consider the multiple messages that were given to us.”

—Ira Pragoff
The Well and the Cathedral

Just a thought. I really find journal writing interesting, Why? These are why!

Journal writing is an activity for self-revelation. Writing about my feelings, thoughts, reactions, comments, criticisms, judgments, dreams, wishes and behaviors can open my eyes to see who I really am. It provides opportunity for me to see myself from the past, the present and the future. It allows me to evaluate how I’ve been doing for the past days. Through it , I am able to identify how fleeting my emotions are and how transient my impressions were.

Also, journal writing is fun, that’s why I always bring a journal with me in school and anywhere I go. It’s fun to seek what I do not know about my self. It’s fun to see me unfold. It is my personal journey for truth and awareness.


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