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Earlier I wrote a blog about a certain former seminarian classmate of mine who asked me why do I desire to be a teacher.

And during the next class we were like sharing our ideas in the middle of out Guidance and Counseling class discussion about psychology and how psychology is different from religion, and that spirituality is at all different from psychology. Another classmate who is 20 years older than I am and is an engineer also said the same about psychology. And so did my teacher who graduated bachelor in psychology about probably 20 years ago.

My engineer classmate says that psychology is only focused on the mind and does not tackle about spirituality. My commentaries are first of all, psychology deals not only with mental processes but also behavior. Secondly, psychology, just like education, takes into consideration the Psychomotor, Affective, and Cognitive aspects of an individual and of learning. Thirdly, spirituality is a form of a higher frequency of consciousness. And consciousness is just a part of the broader field of psychology. Somehow I can say that spirituality is related with psychology or that it is studied in the science of psychology. Laslty, there is a branch in psychology called Transpersonal psychology that studies self-transcendence and spiritual aspects of the human experiences.

The essence of spirituality is the search to know our true selves, to discover the real nature of consciousness. This quest has been the foundation of all the great spiritual teachings, and the goal of all the great mystics. (more)

  • Abraham Maslow identifies peak experiences wherein people often have spiritual experiences. He calls this self-transcendence, which is beyond self-actualization or self-realization.
  • Carl Gustav Jung calls this  process a person undergoes to wholiness the process of individuation.
  • Eastern religions call this “Great Awakening” and/or “Enlightenment
  • In Carl Gustav Jung’s Psyche and Symbol, he emphasized that the spirit is “the sum total of all phenomena of rational thought, or of the intellect, including the will, memory, imagination, creative power, and aspirations motivated by ideals.”

While I was looking for research journals to find answers to the question initially raised, I stumbled upon this informative  interdiciplinary conversation (pdf) in a certain college wherein participants shared their own point of view about the connections and intersection between psychology and spirituality .

As a learner, I do want to stick with the linear thinking, rather do otherwise and try to find the answers through my own inquiry or read as much as possible until the mind’s query is sufficed.


Earlier in class, one of my classmates who happens to be a former seminarian, and who is now a counselor, and an active church leader, asked me of my reason for wanting to become a teacher. Then I was kind of “uhhh” “uhmm” Then I realized I really did not know why, nor did I ever thought about it.

First and foremost I wanted to have masters degree in Psychology, probably on Counseling or Clinical Psychology. However, I couldn’t afford yet the tuition fees so I have to find a job and save money for my future. That was my original plan.

Few days after, instead of finding a job, I found my self sleeping, eating, doing nothing at home. I was basically bumming around, annoying people (parents) and did all kinds of weird stuffs.  Then I lost my motivation. My mom bombarded me with questions like when am I gonna stop bumming around and start looking for a job. She’s basically giving me the pressure. Consequently, I started looking for a job online. I passed my application and my cv online to various companies some I know, others I have not the slightest idea as to what their company is about.

Then a few days after, a recruiter from Convergys called me on my land line phone and asked me if I was interested in applying for customer service representative in the company. They got my number from my Alma matter’s database. Then I said,”Okay, I’ll try.” So I was scheduled for an interview the next day. When I arrived on the venue, I saw a close friend who happened to have just passed the final interview and was there for the training. Since I was very early, I sat with him and we chatted. There I also found out that his boyfriend was also in the other call center company where my friend previously worked. He was also applying  for the costumer service position.

Few minutes later, I saw my other friend who also my school mate in USC. He was also applying in Convergys. And I saw his baby and his girlfriend who was also a school mate of mine.

What conspired the whole day was all good. I passed the processes, and was scheduled for the final interview the next day. But then I didn’t pass the final interview. It wasn’t all that bad. My realization on that following day was that I can never get things that I never wanted, and that I can only strive for what I want. Or maybe I am just trying to justify my actions. But really I’m so lazy to get a job right now.

Then came May, my cousin who was working with CTTE in CSCST, where I am currently having my DPE course, said his “simply inspiring” words that did inspire me to enroll. So here I am now, hopeful to be a teacher’s board passer and become a teacher.

I’m back again with the same question, why do I want to become a teacher. All I know is that I have no answers as of the moment. But soon enough I will definitely have my answers.

I just told my classmate that as of now, I’m taking the opportunity that the world has given me that’s why I am here. I don’t know my direction. I’m just merely taking a step to this road I am not fully aware of. And trying to explore if this is really where I belong. What matters is that I am enjoying what I have today, I am making friends. I am loving my subjects.

Sometimes if you are so preoccupied of the future, you will end up losing God’s gift, which is today. The reason why today is called present because It’s a blessing and it matters.


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