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Aside from what I have previously blogged, I just found out a new way of updating my tweets via text, with the use of gateway numbers, you may easily tweet even without using 3G or using the web. Thanks to @owrange for making this possible.

Well, now that you are reading this I am assuming that you already have a twitter account, otherwise you won’t even bother opening this blogsite.

Start by registering via text. Type REG followed by your twitter user name and your password, and send to the following gateway numbers:

For GLOBE subscribers: 09273389183

For SMART subscribers: 0928-102-0579

For SUN CELLULAR subscribers: 0923-986-0673

example: REG tweetitow secret

As soon as you receive a message from @tweetitow to your twitter account, you may start tweeting. Tweetitow is free of service, however, your networking provider charges for the text that you send to the gateway numbers. Just a piece of advice, If you want unlimited tweets, then you register for your network’s Unlimited text service.

For more questions, follow @tweetitow .



Sun Alertz allows you to update your status at Facebook and Twitter account as well as receive your friends’ status updates via your Sun Cellular mobile phone.




  • Log-onto your Twitter account via mobile by texting LOGIN <Twitter username> <Twitter password> to 2555 for free.
  • Update your status by texting TW <message> to 2555. P1 per text.

Available in Pay-Per-Use and UNLIMITED subscription!

  • BUY 1 –P15 per 1 day
  • BUY 7 –P50 per 7 days
  • BUY 30 –P150 per 30 days

Text to 2555. For example; BUY 1 to 2555.

Text HELP to 2555 for free info on Sun Alertz.


Globe UPD8 For Twitter allows you to access your active Twitter account through your mobile phone allowing you to send Twitter Updates and receive personal alerts.


  • Register to Globe UPD8 by texting TWITREG <Twitter username> <Twitter password> to 2370 for free.
  • Tweet by texting TWIT <message> to 2370. P2.50 per text.
  • Applicable to Globe and TM subscribers.


phTwitters allows Twitter users to update their account via text available for Globe, Smart, and Sun subscribers.


  • text REG <Twitter username> <Twitter password>and send to the gateway number.
  • To tweet, text TWIT <your message> and send to the gateway number. P1 per text.

To send a direct message, text

  • TWITD <username> <your message>

The gateway numbers to send to:

  • GLOBE – +63-916-4967171
  • SMART – +63-929-3632359
  • SUN – +63-923-8852052


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