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After having been bombarded with questions about when would I be getting a job, now I have been bombarded yet again with another squeezing question like when am I gonna start answering my one thousand five hundred twenty five item Foundation of Education final examination. And that’s just one subject among my six subjects in my Diploma in Professional Education fast track graduate curriculum.

Truth is, I have no plans yet in answering them, and definitely not now that I am reviewing for my Civil Service Commission licensure examination on July, which is already a few days from now.

I’m actually waiting for my friend to lend me his review booklet as he promised for the said licensure examination. As of now, I’m using my available references, and some other internet sources since I have an internet access.

But honetly, I’m just brainsick with all these examinations I have to take, and they’re all for profession purposes, and because the law says so. blah..


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