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My friday morning started with a talk on community extension work, and the extension works done by Cebu State College of Science and Technology for the past few years since the previous SUC President mandated the inclusion of extension in the functions of the college.

After a few hours we ended the assembly and proceeded to the CAS department to check my present teaching load. Unfortunately, our chairman was unable to finish posting our loads, so my colleague  and I decided to visit our alma matter, the University of San Carlos.

When I was on the stairs, and on my way to the Psychology Department of the University of San Carlos, someone called me out, “Hi Miss!” When I turned around, it was my crush, who is at the same time one of my favorite teachers in the Psychology Department, Dr. Fredrick Boholst. And I was kind of “Hi sir, wa ko kabantai nimu” (“Hi sir, I didn’t notice you” ). He smiled and went. Agoi! He made my day.  🙂

Anyways, the purpose of my visit was to check what courses they offer for a Masters’ degree, because I was thinking about pursuing my masters’ degree while I am studying my Diploma in Professional Education, and at the same time teaching part time in Cebu State College of Science and Technology, which will soon be Cebu Technological University. However, my mother advised me to pursue my plan the next year because it would be a pressure on my part to be studying two courses at the same time. And on July, I will be taking my Civil Service Commission Board Examination for a government employee licensure.

When I came back to college, we had a research assembly. It was a very interesting talk since I love research, inspired by few of my previous research teachers and thesis consultants during my baccalaureate degree. Then there was a debate as to whether which is the best and most reliable research source, it is textbooks or journal articles. And there was also a question if a research title could be written in interrogative form, and if there is an existing published journal with an interrogative title.

And that’s what conspired my day today.

Tomorrow is another day, and It’s school day.


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