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situated at the corner of the darkened room

is the couch of the unfathomable, where the angel sat

she looked at the darkness that is miserly black

the dim light from the sooty sky illuminated her

while the bottomless pit of the abyss made her sober

the nightingales of the night sang their discant songs

and her sluggish, melancholy spirit devoured them all

her lifeless black torn wings is all that she has

never had she realized that she’s one beautiful lass

she felt her heart beating for something

through the absence of awareness she knew there was one thing

but that one thing was left unsaid, dormant and forgotten

the words of the angel kept in silence deep within

the violence of the darkness of the earth she loathed

that made her fall on the ground, and she lost it

her life on earth was wasted, she thought

not realizing that she flew into the sky, where she could

to fly as beautiful as she could in the human world

and help others in their search for the Word

as he angel sat on the couch of the unfathomable

her lifeles black torn wings is healing

until she could finally soar up high into the sky

and sing her melodious and harmonious songs

so that the world will hear again

the sweet air of the angel that once have fallen

on the earth’s vicious and violent ground

© 2007 | jeelchristine poems

This poem offers hope after pain. I remembered¬† Daniella and I decided on writing something positive on a papyrus, and this poem was written, as a summary confrontation for all our heartbreaks and painful experiences. It’s a time to let go and finally step on the next path our lives.


painting taken from Yessy Art Gallery

as i entered the house of the haunted
i knew that my hours have ended
to woe the promise he has hated
towards the gossamer that he has painted
on the canvas he spilled his blood
to summon the dead through its cup
and i stood there as he looked at me
i smiled at him but he dared not to see
the vows we’ve made, he has forgotten
the memories we’ve shared he has abandoned
i felt like crying but tears didnt fall
i might as well go and leave it all
my time on earth has passed
but before my slumber, he asked
whether promises are really meant
or our last time together cannot be spent
i love him and he loves me too
but there are things that neither of us can do
we cannot bear destiny’s cruelty towards us
but even so, nobody can separate us
not death of life itself
because in this slumber hours
his heart and mine only crave for one another
as he will bring me back to life
from the world of the others
together we’ll wake ones again
holding hands, we’ll live our vows together ones again
the fulfillment of our dreams is at hand
nothing and no one will bind us from this band
because of the power i have vested in it
it will never separate us, forever
yet, he has lost all his strenght to fight it..
the foul smell of the creosote
is penetrating into my pale skin
this is indeed the end of our time
this is what’s left in me, my slumber hours,
our forever broken vows..

© 2007 | jeelchristine poems


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