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diverged road

There is more to me than what you see.

Scarred with the pain that inflicts me

Devouring my wandering soul,

Underneath the shadows I call my own.

Despite all I’ve been through, I never quit

I have fought hard enough for me to sit

I suddenly see my self standing in the new world

I doubt if I belong.

I’ve wondered if I have a place here

A place I can call my own.

I’ve searched hard enough to find my home

But for now, I don’t know where I belong

Do I belong?

Most of you don’t really understand

What I’m going trough now is tough

Perhaps you know nothing of me at all

I’ve still yet to find what I’m capable of

My sense of purpose is confusing me

What am I destined for tomorrow?

Clueless, is this my direction?

Quite a diverged road I’m walking into now.

This divergence will take me there,

Hopefully to the place I shall call my home

© 2007 | jeelchristine poems


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