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Re-posted with permission from YumYum. Posted as requested by AlexandraSuicide.

Whoa! They removed the downloadable playlist! Now it’s truly the end!!!!

NOT!!!! =)

HERE’S HOW!! (Of course, you must be logged on to Multiply to do this)

First, you need the ever-reliable but grossly underrated Orbit Downloader!
It has the Grab++ feature that acts as a sniffer for downloadable links as it is streamed online.

After installing, run Orbit. Right-click on the orbit icon at the system tray.

The Orbit Grab++ window looks like this:

After starting Grab++, go and REFRESH the page where you want to download a song. You can do this by pressing F5. Then PLAY the cute Multiply Flash Media Player.

Go to the Grab++ window. Watch as links fill it! Look for the mp3 file if it’s listed. Check it then click DOWNLOAD. (Tip: If you want to download more songs from the playlist, click the next button repeatedly so each mp3 file’s link will be listed to be checked. After checking all, you can download them all.  )

A window will appear for each file that you selected. Just click on OK to start downloading! =)

That’s it! We can still download but it is so pathetic now.. =)
A TIP: With Grab++, you can download any media that is playable on your computer. That means if you can play it, you can download it! Cheers!


Orbit Downloader

Super Converter


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