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extra sensory perception

extra sensory perception

It was funny how my friend and I simultaneously sang a song twice in different situations, without an identified stimulus that could have triggered the singing. I explained it on the bases of Carl Gustav Jung‘s collective unconscious, which is a part of the psyche that totally dffers from personal unconscious. I remember reading a book on ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) but I could not really remember the tittle of the book. It was written there that all of us have ESPs, which unconsciously manifest in our daily life. I can say that we all have experienced ESP but we really do not know that it is ESP and not some mere coincidence. An example I can point out is when a friend of mine called me on the phone after having thought about him prior to his call. This event did not happen only once but many times already. How can you possibly explain de javu? Though there are other theories on the existence of this phenomenon, I would stick to the Jungian explanation that our collective unconscious connects us with mankind, and this de javu is a manifestation of ESP, just as what has happened to me and my friend is.

Oh well, I just realized my ESP has been working all this time.


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