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Quest foe knowlege
Photo Taken from Ducatirider

So I’ve seen a video entitled “Dangerous knowledge” from a fellow Multiplier. It was about a great mathematician who became insane on his quest for knowledge about the mystery of Infinity.

The question is:
Is knowledge at some point dangerous?

Could it be that It isn’t at all knowledge but knowledge at its utmost point of inquiry or knowledge at its extreme point of mystery about to be found fierce to the point of bringing his inquirer to the madness of insanity?or to the realm of skepticism and doubt?

If Plato believed in the Theory of Recollection, could it be likely that recollection of what was perfect, which our unembodied spirit lived with very hard to do?

Is the craving for truth addictive that at some point leaves a person not to stop from acquiring it? That at some point transforms the believer to disbelief, doubt, and skepticism?

What about this so called “linear line of thinking” which the modern world has muchly accepted, while the initial instinctual thinking has been long time ago placed into the foulness of oblivion. Does it lead us to madness? Could it be the culprit of ADHD, Anti-Social behavior, Autism, Depression, Addiction and the like?


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