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Previously I have been blogging about my blog import problems and I have been trying to condition my self to be patient and find a way somehow. After having proclaimed how Blog2Blog migration turned me down on many occasions, it also worked on one instant which made me really ecstatic! However, it only imported 50 items out of 113 entries I have in this wp blog. Since I still considered it a unsuccessful import, I deleted all my blogger imported entries, and tried again. Unfortunately, I was back to the same blog import problem, and it was disappointing and frustrating at the same time.

And earlier I googled further on WordPress to Blogger migration and found this but offered no hope for me. However, I already tried these steps many times in the past, regardless of my awareness that Non-Blogger to Blogger platform import will not work or will not result in a successful blog import.

Blogger doesn’t yet give you the opportunity to Import other Blogs from NON-BLOGGER platforms. It only gives you the ability to Import other Blogger Blogs! It’s another fine example of Blogger not being ready to launch a ‘full-scale’ option. It’s in ‘Beta’, if you will. It’s testing.

I am not blaming Google because I understand how they support only their own platforms. On the other hand, I want to rant at them about this problem, which they should have taken into consideration with due respect to those who are on the same situation as I am.


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