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I honestly am a big fan of Multiply. I love multiply and I’ve been using it for the past three years. What I love about it most is that I am able to upload my music online, and share them with people. I always thought that multiply is the best music sharing ever until they disabled the download links. Oh well. I was furious then because I can’t download anymore from others. But its okay, I learned to love Multiply more. lmao!!!!!

Sometimes I hate it when Multiply gets to do its maintenance.

But then I have to live with it..learn to deal with it..

This happens to me..

Sleep waiting

While they..

They party.

Then I missed

And when I wake up,  Multiply’s back

And why do I stick with Multiply despite the inconvenience?

Because I come to where the flavor is! lol

Unfortunately grandpa doesn’t know where the flavor is.. lmao

Thanks to: Comment Graphics =) For the Photos


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