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Okay, since I was still young I was so fascinated with witchcraft, I studied witchcraft literature, but I’m no practitioner nor do I belong to a particular Wiccan sect. Wicca is a modern day witchcraft, quite contrary to the notion that witches are minions of the devil.

Wicca is a lifestyle and a way of thinking based upon the reconstruction of pre-Christian traditions originating in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It is believed to be a harmonious and balanced way of thinking and life which promotes oneness with the divine and with nature. And thereby considered as a form of paganism.

Wicca continued to flourished to existence in England. And now in England a coven of witches is gradually accepted into the community. They call themselves the Raven and the Rose.

The video from the National Geographic Channel below is a testimony of a practitioner of modern day witchcraft oftentimes called a witch


I just come to realize that religiosity is different from faithfulness. It’s just sad when I hear people say how religious they are because they pray three times a day, read the bible upon waking up and before sleeping, celebrate the Holy Eucharist everyday and go back to their household nagging their children (I’m referring to others from all walks of living). They think that they are always on the right track, and we “the non-religious”  and the “rarely-church-goers” are the ones yet to be condemned when our time comes. I don’t believe that my religion teaches me anything about religiosity, but I’m certain on the one hand that It teaches me faith and Godliness. On the other hand, my religion is more than a religion, its my personal ideation that links me to my God, Jesus Christ. Or should I say a meme rather than an ideation that connects me to Him; it helps me build my relationship with Him, and the mere thought of Him stops me from doing something against His will. However, I am human, I am a sinner; sometimes I choose to do things for a reason which other human s like me cannot use it against me. No one but God alone can. I pray every night before I sleep. That’s how I continuously maintain and nourish my personal faithfulness. I may not be much of a church goer as I was before, I know for sure that I am having a religion not for the sake of having one but because I have trust and belief in my religion that it will guide me along the way. And it is me that chooses which path I must go on, because I hold my life, the free will and intelligence God has given me are the tools I integrate for my own wellness. Bottomline is there is no need for a religion because I believe in my own “pop psychology” that spiritual experiences do not come from religious rituals but come from the self, although these rituals may be used as stimulus for an anticipated spiritual experience responses. My philosophy is that I am an eternal being–not necessarily a God–because I am no God. My flesh may rot, but my soul will not, for it is pure, divine and constant—an all-powerful spirit dwells within me. I am not a perfect creation of God, but God created me just perfectly.

[This blog enrty is copied from my previous blogsite.]


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