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Okay, since I was still young I was so fascinated with witchcraft, I studied witchcraft literature, but I’m no practitioner nor do I belong to a particular Wiccan sect. Wicca is a modern day witchcraft, quite contrary to the notion that witches are minions of the devil.

Wicca is a lifestyle and a way of thinking based upon the reconstruction of pre-Christian traditions originating in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It is believed to be a harmonious and balanced way of thinking and life which promotes oneness with the divine and with nature. And thereby considered as a form of paganism.

Wicca continued to flourished to existence in England. And now in England a coven of witches is gradually accepted into the community. They call themselves the Raven and the Rose.

The video from the National Geographic Channel below is a testimony of a practitioner of modern day witchcraft oftentimes called a witch


Pet Society is a game application  in Facebook, powered and created by Playfish Social Games. Pet Society lets you create online interactive pets, capable of connecting and interacting with other pets of your Facebook friends who are using the application. With its styling features, you may customize your pets through provided body color, face, hair, and head styles you can choose from.

Among other features include:








Pets must earn money in order to purchase items for their home, including living room items, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom items, and outfit items. These items are bought from different shops elsewhere in the neighborhood.


Pet Society is known for its Paw Points, which represent the level to which your pet has advanced into.¬† By the time your pet reaches higher paw point levels like levels 35 to 47, the built of your pet’s house also changes, so does the number of rooms inside the house.


These cuddly little pets are not only great virtual companions, but they are also fun to be playing with. I could just remember my first emotion when I played ball with my pet Fififishie (I was happy).¬† She’s really cute and bubbly.

And here she is,


Pet Society has many features you would want to dig on, invite your friends and visit their pets. Its so much fun. yay! You might consider checking Pet Society Blog and see what’s new in the neighborhood.


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