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After having been asked as to my purpose of wanting to become a teacher, I never had an answer. It is more like a lifelong search as to my resolve. When I was little I never have thought, not even once in my life that I would become a teacher or that I wanna become a teacher.

Perhaps I was influenced by my teachers in the Psychology department and how I am so fond of them, especially Miss D,  GGG, Sir Gerry, Dr. Boholst and Dr. Mordeno.

Then we were talking about motivation yesterday in class. I realized that my motivations are internal rather than external. Every time I ask my self what it is that keeps me on going to my classes and I couldn’t find of anything because I was thinking of external motivation which I probably do not have or that I am not aware of.

While listening to GGG‘s Golden Friendship, I am fantasizing about my psychology years, my friends, and teachers.


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