The Circle

by: jeelchristine

Chapter 1: The Young Witch

Clairvoyant Douglas Arthur Rustburg reached for the temple threshold. Upon the defeat of Septuagint’s odious temple guards, he was then able to enter the circle of the Four Good Witches of the Watch Towers, surrounding the temple of the fallen angel, God’s former roving spy, who gathers facts about the earthlings during his past. He read the incantations inscripted at the temple portal, engraved by the High Priestess of the Coven Council of the Oracle thousands of years ago.  “exposer au grand jour; vos pouvior”  A striking light suddenly blazed before him, blocked his eyes,  shoved him away from the temple, and obliviously fell down

“Neither a trace had been written down nor spoken to. For one thing will be revealed to all supernatural creatures throughout the globe, the powers of the him, who has eyes like a Flame of Fire, and who walks in the midst of the candlesticks, will await for his master’s coming. He will rejoice once again.”

He woke up. In the silence of the night, he stood up, drifted his hazel-bronzed eyes towards the nimble, buoyant, bight moonlight. The soothing wind rapped his crew cut brunette hair, exposing his fetching, ample, gullible facial countenance. Her heavenly splendor magnetized the young lad’s lips, as he spoke his words of praises. “Oh, how lovely is your spotless countenance, oh my lady of the night! My goddess of the moon, Artemis, set me to your guidance. This gift of eerie light for which I desire for my battle against all my night premonitions I shall thank. This delight I give to you, for once in my life I would be your divine knight. Oh pure and lovely hunter of my fears, I praise you. Protect me at all instances and never depart from me.”

Impulsively, his door broke open. He jolted, as the thunderous roar of Thor’s lightning illuminated the dawn and the roar of his lions echoed through the stormy dusk. A silhouette of a placid-motioned dark figure floated towards him. Startled, he nervously reached for his window. Fear-driven, he bolted it through the power of the craft. His subconscious mind urged him to jump to the ground. However, never was he able to do such actions because, the dark omen wedged his neck. Unable to move, the young lad was slaughtered to death by means of Death’s razor blade.

He woke up once again in terror. Perspiration covered his skinny physique. Goosebumps penetrated his pastel skin. A voice of a young boy suddenly spoke. “Horrible, wasn’t it?” He opened his eyes and saw a dark figure of a boy, sitting on a chair, opposite his bed.

“What are you doing here stupidus?” Douglas asked ill-manneredly.

“Looking after you…I thought I heard you screamed.” Jesse Rustburg smiled bolded, appearing his dimples on both sides of his checks. “Besides, if dad and his courtesan heard you, they will totally ground you for the rest of your occult life.” He devilishly gripped.

“Don’t you ever think about it stupidus! He grinned gingerly taking into account of his being domineering.


“You’re not going to tell dad about my life and my escapades, are you stupidus?” he stopped, as his younger brother interrupted. “Or else what? Are you going to turn me into a toad? Into an owl? Or into a lizard perhaps?”

“Yes!” he barked.

He laughed. “Why don’t you do it now wizard?” he impulsively replied.

“Hell, I’m not stupid!” although unaware of the circumstances of having Douglas perform such magick in the midst of an unlikely setting, Jesse demanded monotonously. It has been a part of the rule that no such modern witch will execute a pithy-driven magick for the purpose of proving one’s membership of the occult. It might lead to Wicca’s demented show off.  Thus, each is obliged to acquiesce. Moreover, they maybe bind from performing their rituals and celebrating their rites. Nevertheless, young Douglas didn’t fall for his manqué brother.  Sheepish did Jessie felt after Douglas’ misgiving.

“Go back to your bed dickhead.” Douglas stood up, grabbed his stubborn eleven-year-old brother’s collar and pulled him towards the door. “Don’t you do anything foolish vulgar little idiot!” he banged the door closed. “Stupid” He whispered.

Fraulein Joanne St. James Von Jaime dawdled at the hallway of the St. James mansion in Hopfenmarkt, Humburg, viewing the portraits painted by her deceased grandfather. She was wearing her mother’s ample feline-skin velvet, which was bought when her mother traveled the picturesque, stunning and scenic spot of Denmark. She was not quite seven then. However, the velvet, which was made of exquisite cashmere and silk, was worn only once, during her parents’ second honeymoon-vacation to the snowy Vermont December in their very own mansion in Burlington, while she was with her brothers in Cape Cod, enjoying her uncle’s place in Massachusetts a year ago.

A gust of wind suddenly blew her silky longuette, making her velvet glimmered with ethereal finest and beauty while caressing the adorable Lilac point Balinese around her arms, pressing against her breasts. The wind did rap their huge, superb, and elegant French window open, which startled the feline and threw itself in a projectile motion, run towards the end of the hallway. However, their nursemaid hastily caught it and sheltered with a hug.

“Oh! Why fret pussy?” she gripped, ceasing the inspirited gaze, and grinned “Fraulein dear, you have a phone call from the Herr Johannes…get yourself in the study now, you don’t want your father to wait, do you?”

“Vielen dank Fraulein Marie.” She thanked, and hastily hurled herself through the stairs, exposing her finesse and poise. She led herself to her father’s study.

Marie followed the young lass to the second floor, yet, she didn’t stop nor follow inside the den, instead, she continued walking to the converged hallway, which lead to a colossal, nursery door. Indeed, a beautiful little infant lived behind the door. He was, Joanne’s immature three-year-old youngest brother.

Being an only girl in the family, she was cautiously looked over by his father’s hired protection officers. Everytime she would go out the house, that includes going to school or other areas, she would have her stiff standing and, handsome tuxedoed bodyguards, to watch over her. She of course needs that due to her family being clans of diplomats in Berlin. Her father remained to be devoted statesman and political figure. Her mother as well was a well renowned daughter of a German envoy.

She was born in Berlin, however, her parents fortressed her and his brothers in Humburg for security reasons. Ever since they were born, they have always kept the mansion subsist. Moreover, since birth, they have been trained to social interactions with society’s wealthy and noble families.

“Hallo papa!” She smirked a broad grin. “It’s been a day or two since you left Berlin.” Her parents were recently cruising the Mediterranean, for pleasure proposes. “How are things goin’ so far papa?”

“Your mama and I had lots of fun together. With intimate closeness with the sensuality of your mama’s beautiful features, I suggest, well be stayin’ here forever” he said lavishly, and chuckled. Herr Johannes St. James Von Jaime, although romantic, had lost his being so because of being so intact with his career.

“That’s romantic!” She giggled. “But you can’t be stayin’ there forever. You have lots of responsibilities in Germany. You just can’t flight from it. Oh! I guess Third will have your place then” she chuckled back, exposing the merriment of her sapphire eyes. Third is her older brother, who’s yet to be her father’s heir.

“Perhaps after he submits to my demand…” He smiled.

“Quite unlikely…” she drained, yet still provoking in tone. “Oh papa! He’s still young, and besides, he’s not yet found his lady.”

“Absolutely! You have the answer then. Your brother is still young for him to enter statesmanship. I think he should focus first with his law career and besides, his firm hasn’t topped yet.

Herr St. James Von Jaime doubted Third’s leadership at the moment due to Third’s imprudence of being a man of law.

“You’re absolutely right papa!” She sheepishly acquiesced, although she trusted his brother’s abilities more than her self’s. “Oh! You’re such a wise, handsome man papa! I love you.”

“I love you Joanne.” He ended. “Wiedersehen my beautiful lass.”


“By the way, your mama said she will call you later at dusk…Wiedersehen” She hung the phone, grinned and threw herself across the chaise lounge of the room. What a quite day. She thought. How could a much-respected man like his father doubted his very own son, who’s yet to be his heir, or so…

Douglas heaved a sigh of relief, tiptoed through the kitchen bare footed. His fragile physique made him barely interested in spending time with his father to swim. He never was a sporty and athletic boy, although her mother rarely visits a swimming school in a nearby area to let him conquer his phobia of being submerged underwater, that usually end him cold and nauseated. On the other hand, he was fonder on chess.

He loved reading fiction books especially mysteries and fantasies. He even wrote a couple of stories since he first read about Dungeons and Dragons. Since then, he had devotedly involved himself on knowing and commenting on his religion and its doctrines. Moreover, he dumped his Protestant faith and converted to an old religion, Neo-Paganism, as he calls it. He believed the Wicca is a place for transcendence and divination. Though he hoarsely sheltered himself with the protection of the craft, he continued studying Christology and the Heresies against the Orthodox Church. He was looking forward to exposing global conspiracy…however, impossible.

He ate his peanut butter and jelly sandwich together with his vulgar, attention seeking brother, Jesse. He luridly ate his sunny side up with his porridge. Jesse waved at his father’s mistress; brusquely, he unlocked her attention from his father.

“What is it J.R. boy?” Emerald eye, brunette Kathleen Willis, a former Harvard History professor, grimaced over Jesse. She forcefully resigned from her job to marry Mr. Arthur Rustburg, who ended up still being a mistress.

“Ms. Kathy, will you please tie my shoe laces for me?” he politely said, chuckled, made Kathleen a fool.

“What do you think you’re doing Kathy?” he looked at his father’s concubine.

“Don’t you get it, he’s making a fool of you. And if your damn fool yourself, better not marry my father!”

Jesse smirked mischievously at his brother. “Did not!”

“Did too!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!” Douglas ended with a crooked facial countenance and walked away to the kitchen door.

“And out he went!” Jesse chuckled sarcastically and she joined him.

J.R. on the other hand is much sporty. He plays different kind of sports although his field is on football. In fact, he himself is one of the best players in school. He has a slender torso and stiff stand. His features were like is father’s. his eyes resemble his mother’s stunning and catchy lapis lazuli huge eyes.  He inherited his father’s brunette hair.

Despite all, Douglas remained the most intellectual and handsome figure in the family. The type of looks that would be making many girls fall in love and heart broken. His gentleness and serene glance makes the ladies wet…too wet…is not so good! He thought. However, this heartthrob is very oblivious about other girls…very oblivious indeed!

Douglas was the quiet type. This was one of the reasons why his girlfriend loves him so much.

“Your brother is such just like your father, isn’t he?” Kathleen sneered.

“Sure!” He exclaimed turning his back away from his father’s courtesan. “Forget it Kathy, I’ll be tying it my self!”

“Bloody hell! It’s better you learn to be independent my dear.” She sighed with relief. She stood by, shamefaced. Her mundane day dazed into sudden confusion.

The boys gaited towards their father’s Navy Blue BMW Sedan car. Meanwhile, MR. Arthur Rustburg walk towards the Red Flame Toyota SUV opposite the sedan.

“Good luck boys!” he roared.

“Good luck yourself old man!” Jesse waved and closed the door. He looked at his brother who was thinking deeply while glaring at the windshield.

Joe, the driver revved up the engine and pushed the accelerator. And away they drove. The man in his middle forties, A. Rustburg followed.

“What ‘ya thinkin’ bro?” he yakked. Young lad Douglas didn’t answer instead he told Joe to drop him across Somerville. He was about to pick up somebody.

Frizzed chocolate-russet crew cut haired Noel Hulbert Ricci glanced at the piquant grotesque features of the waters sinuously streaming the current. He was on his young age working as a cook in a restaurant for which had he been laboring for the past   two years.   He was with   his younger    seventeen-year-old shamefaced, hazel-brown-haired sister named Katrina Cassandra Ricci, who was dissuaded because of having her brother asked about the whereabouts of their father that caused his brother’s hostility.

“I’m sorry bro…I did’nt mean to loose your temper only because of such an arrogant thing.” She passionately expressed her remorseful regret. Her huge deep-turquoise eyes were sheepish and desolate. She looked more spectacular, however because of her loosen glossy, patina hair, the wind blew it, tossing it back and forth. “Besides, it was so selfish of me.”

“How many times have I told you not to ask anything about him. Didn’t I tell you he’s a filthy somebody who tries to join a higher social class by setting out to mix with people that belong to it! “

“I’m sorry!” She wailed, frowned. “Don’t I have the right to know what really happened that night? Besides, daddy is not a filthy pretentious social climber! He used to be a very rich man. We used to be rich!” her voice suddenly deteriorated. “We used to be happy…”

“Stop it! I don’t wanna talk about it!!!” he exclaimed, as if wanting to forget all that had happened. “You better get to school by now.” He ended and left the young lass behind.

Katrina Cassandra a.k.a. K.C. and Noel Hulbert a.k.a. Leon were orphaned since they were still infants. They were then taken cared of by a genteel old widow, who used to be their parents close loyal friend, yet she betrayed them, which caused the family’s business bankrupt that she regretted so much. Guilt-stricken, taking good care of the two little darlings has been her obligation and her vow.

While young KC was still standing in the bridge, she felt gentle flesh touching hers. It was the flesh of a familiar cream skin tone. Then a voice developed, a harmonious voice of a lad, then she felt his heart beat at her back. Their bodies were pressed against each other. She turned around and saw his beautiful lapis lazuli eyes. He kissed her and she kissed him backed. As their lips touched, all voices around them deteriorated, even the throbs of her heart weakened. It was as if she felt weak, and she was struggling for the strong arms around her. The streaming current could hardly be heard, and the sounds of the songs of the birds diminished. Cupid made the day possible for two lovers craving for one another to finally have there bodies pressed against one another with the perfect passionate kisses. When it was done, they smirked, his eyes to her, and hers closed. The sounds suddenly germinated in a progression.

“I’m so glad you’re here Doughy…” her voice was low and weak. However, she felt the kismet of luck when she heard his voice again.

“Is there something wrong?”

She shook her head.

“Then lets walk to school…”

She nodded.

He reached for her hand and together they moved forward to the open. They shared their laughter. The merriment of their eyes was overwhelming…

The Circle

by: jeelchristine

Chapter 2: The Rebirth of Chaos

“It has been more than a thousand years since the condemnation of the amulets by the church in 721. The spread of the diabolical amulet, most commonly known as the talisman, had been increasingly popular. Christian churches forbid the use amulets until now in the present.” Uttered Gwen Donovan as she examined the inscriptions being engraved on the black stone found at the museum entrance hall.

“Wow! Can you believe thatttt!!! ” Ginger Donovan asserted with a broad grin towards the huge stone.

“Well, these things keeps better and better each day. Isn’t it right Gwen?” Rachel Dickens started.

“Sure! “She replied.

Meanwhile, at the museum catacomb, which was kept a secret for several years, restrained such talisman amulets, old books, ancient carvings on wood, and lots of aged artifacts that the society have not seen. One man, Professor Guy de Gaulle, head of the museum management, opened the chest of the talisman amulets. It was, however, not bolted for about a hundred years or more. Consequently, because of his curiosity, history’s chaotic manifestation came about. Thus, history repeats it self.

Having opened the chest, he was keenly aware of the circumstances, he might loose his job or he might put to prison. Yet, because of his greediness upon knowing how much it cost if he will sell them, his defiance made him the reason of chaos and evil to enter the land. Indulged by the beauty, he dragged away the artifacts, not knowing of the tempest it conveys. No doubt, that terror has began.

“Hey, do you think those amulets still exist today…I mean, if those amulets do exist, then it can bring terror and even consternation again, right?” Rachel asked boldly after seeing an apparition at the dark hallway of the westward direction of the museum.

“Am I correct with what I’ve just heard? I thought you were not on those things. And now you’re asking?” Gwen suspiciously gripped.

“Why? Is there something wrong with asking? I’m just curious okay!”

“Well, curiosity struggles ones consciousness.” Gwen blurted.

“Whatever…” Rachel rolled her blue eyes as she reached the porch.

While the girls were out of the Essex Institute Museum, they spotted Miles Mackintosh, Harvard’s heartthrob, together with his boys, football players Yuri Winchester and Jason Mallory, and the bible geek, West Edinburgh.

Eventually, bubble-headed Rachel Dickens blushed lusciously upon seeing Miles’ wink of the eye towards her. Nevertheless, fourteen-year-old Ginger luxuriously conceited, as making an insidious face.

“Ohm…I hate it when she’s on the scene.” Ginger murmured, referring to Rachel.
“What was that? Gwen asked vaguely upon reaching her pocket full of candy wrappers. And finally, she threw them on the trash basket.

“Did I say something?” Ginger offensively replied.

For the most part, Ginger’s got a crush on the seventeen-year-old heartthrob, and severely adores his everyday escapade. Not to mention Mackintosh’s name on almost all of her school possessions, such as her binder and her diary. She despised the bubble-headed girl the most, especially when it comes to Miles. Yet, She can’t do something about it since she’s her sister’s best peer, and at the same time, Mile’s boo.

They drove their way back to Cambridge, specifically to the Harvard University Dormitory for their week check. However, West, reading his bible again, gave the guys the initiative to keep quite and enjoy the picturesque scene outside the van’s glassed window. Furthermore, most of them did enjoy except for young Ginj, for the same old and not a brand new reason, Rachel. Meanwhile, Yuri did not join the group because he went back to his hometown.

High school students of the university usually live in halls within the Harvard Yard, a walled enclosure, containing several structures like dormitories, dining, libraries and classroom facilities. Students live in the twelve residences known as houses. Each house would compose of less than twenty-six students. Six houses are intended for girls, while the other remaining are for the boys. Conspicuously, the girls Gwen and Rachel belonged to the third house, the Cotton Mather House. Cotton Mather was one of the excellent student and notable alumna of the institution. Thus, one house is named after him as means of acknowledgement and recognition. The other houses are as follows— William James; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Henry David Thoreau; James Russell Lowell; Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.; Robert Frost; and T.S. Eliot. Other houses include John Adams; Rutherford B. Haynes; Felix Frankfurter; and lastly, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. house.

The boys, West, Yuri and the rest belonged to the Rutherford B. Haynes House. Haynes was a graduate of the Harvard Law School. Therefore, he’s an alumna.

Admittedly, the group finally arrived at the Harvard campus parking lot, which was near the Harvard hall. The first one who stepped out of the van was Jason followed by West, Ginger, Gwen, Rachel and Miles. Then they made their way across their respective houses for them not to miss the dorm check.

When Rachel had gone about twelve steps, she stopped because she saw again  the  apparition that she  had seen at the museum. Suddenly, the
door beside her opened, which caused her a trembling sensation. She was startled and fretted at the same time.

“Oh my GOSH! Next time if you’ll open a door, think if you could frighten someone who is behind it!” she yelled unkindly towards a red-haired lad whose name was probably Chris Wilder, a not so popular guy who is, however, trying to be one.

“Sorry Miss.” He defended. “I’m a student here in Harvard just like you and I demand respect. You’re not the boss of me, so I  guess there’s   no  right for you to shout at me. And HELLOOOOO…! Look at your self girl…you’re not worth respected.” He pleaded degenerately as glancing her from head to foot.
“What did you say?” She asked fiercely.

“You heard me.” Chris grimaced at her and walked towards the same direction where Rachel was supposed to be going.

“Go to hell asshole!!!” she yelled savagely as she went back to the opposite direction to where Gwen can be seen in a silhouette.

“Shit! I hate him!” she gaited towards Gwen arousing her anger.

“What happened? And who are you shitting with?” Gwen asked as if Rachel’s saying of foul language is of normal situation.

“Chris Wilder! He said I’m not worth respected. Can you believe that guy!” she screamed annoyingly. She continued walking and left Gwen behind.

“And where do you think you’re going? We’re supposed to be at the dorm right now.” She called while following the irritated lass

Meanwhile, at the boy’s residences, particularly at the Rutherford Hayes house, Kyle Mc Elzer was seen piercing his right ear, while sitting at the bench in the hallway. Abruptly, appeared on the scene were Jason, Miles and West.

“What do you think you’re doin’ Kyle?” West asked lawfully.

“It’s obvious.” Kyle answered philosophically.

“You know its not allowed in school.” Jason reinforced vigorously as he sat beside the punk, sort of Chinese, black-haired Kyle Mc Elzer. Perhaps, he is an outcast from his schoolmates because he doesn’t talk much. In the most part, he doesn’t like to mingle with other people maybe because of his insecurities. Nonetheless, he’s still popular because of his father. He hated school since his mom died. He would not attend classes sometimes and always tells excuses of being sick. Somehow, he passed all his subjects even if he does not participate much. It is because of his father, who was a very respected personality in Harvard-Radcliffe Admission Offices, granted that his son would graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree after college.

“And so does it matter? Do you care?” Kyle stood up and walked so as not to hear more criticisms.

“Amazing, isn’t it? Miles boasted.

“What’s so amazing about what?” West asked curiously.

“Forget it.” He nodded. “I’ll go ahead, I’m gettin’ sleepy.” He walked southward direction leading to his to the dark hallway of the house.

Lately, Professor de Gaulle realized the importance of the amulets in history and would tear away the beauty of history’s remaining facts if he would sell it. Somehow, his mind and heart worked. The professor had been studying facts about fossils and artifacts for many years. However, he is not aware of the energy that is stored in every trace of history unlike the other historians. Still, he is an asset of the city. Likewise, he is significant and he is among the popular personalities of Massachusetts.

While he was examining the inscriptions being engraved on the amulet, he found out significant Latin words on it. And among these words were   ??????????  “seize the day”;  “live for the   present”, ?????? ”  from the
beginning”, ?????? “will or intention”, and ???????????? “to infinity”; “endlessly”

“What could these words suggest?” He said to himself.

Afterwards, he covered one piece of amulet with a red cloth and placed it on his brief case. He grabbed his cloak, opened the office door and went away. He drove himself to an old friend whose name was Professor Friedrich Von Newmann, an English historian who was of the same age as he.

Blissfully, aware of the happenings, Septuagint himself rejoices together with his fallen angels. And shall be rejoicing even more if his amulets will be used by human hands. Thus, the more powerful will a human gains from the amulet, trice the more powerful will he advance. If that time would come, he would enter the human land and shall initiate again the devastation of mankind. Therefore, he will be interfering and ravaging God’s plan for everyone.

His plan was to possess his extricate and liberator, and the rest of his rude and evil schemes will soon follow according to his scope.

His name was used in Greek translation “not referring to human” and sometimes in Hebrew “ha-Satan” This title of the fallen angel signifies God’s roving spy, gathering facts about human beings from his travels on earth.

“Soon I shall reign again! HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!” Septuagint laughed hideously and boisterously.

After a few minutes, arrived Professor Guy in the Radcliffe College. He rushed his skinny physique towards the elevator, and pushed the button 6th floor, until he reached the office. When he was about to open the door, a hand tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around, he saw a tall man on his young age, wearing a brown tuxedo with a blue-colored bubble styled office tie. He was, perhaps, good looking with a broad grin on his face. His black hair was well fixed, and was bringing with him his briefcase. Indeed, he’s professional.

Before he could say a word, the man started. “Uncle Guy!”


“Nice to see you again uncle.”

“I too am happy to see you. Oh my dear, I’ve not seen you since you graduated in high school. You’ve grown up so excellent and handsome.” The Professor blissfully chatted. “So, when did you arrive?”

“Just yesterday.”

“I’m very much happy to see you. But when are you planning to introduce your girlfriend?” he asked altruistically.

“I’d like to correct you ’bout that. Its not girlfriend, but rather fiancé.”

“Oh! So when do you get married?” he asked astoundingly.

“I’m very much assured that will occur next year. As of now she’s still in Paris, busy on her last mission since she’s a member of expeditions in Europe. Then she’ll be doing her resignation. She’ll be here next month.” He explained abruptly.

“Good for you.” he smiled “Is your father inside?”

“Yeah, As a matter of fact, he’s been sitting all his time in his desk.”

“How come?’

“He’s been like that since Mary left.” He answered, ceasing his mirthful eyes into a dispirited one. “Well, I guess you better get in now. I still have a meeting to attend in Boston. See Yah!”

“Ohm” he grasped.

He opened the door, and saw his colleague standing near the window.

“I don’t know if you’re experiencing a dilemma or you’re having a query on some things.” He sat down as if not on a hurry.

“Guy!” He grinned surprisingly upon seeing his colleague. “So what made you come here?”

He did not say a word instead he placed his briefcase on the table, opened it and grabbed the red cloth.

“What’s that?” He asked curiously.

He opened the cloth and with amazement, Professor Newmann did not doubted what he had seen. He took it and glanced at its radiance. “This is one of is history’s most priced possessions. Where did you get it?”

“It’s not important…I need you to study and examine what those inscriptions and figures suggest. I know there’s something mysterious hidden under that amulet, and I want you to find it out.” He demanded.

Meanwhile in Jason’s room, the phone rang. KRINGGG…KRINGGG…KRINGGG…

“This is Yuri, I need you to tell Mrs. Flex that I can’t go back there tomorrow. I need to accompany my mom. She’ll be leaving for Denmark on the next day for a business transaction, and maybe I’ll be back next week. Please do it as soon as possible, so as to be sure of my permission, then call me on my cell after all will be fixed.” He pleaded politely.
“Is there anything more?”

“Nope. Thanks bro…” He said on a hurry state.

“I’ll call you then. Bye!” He hanged up the phone and threw himself on his rectangular bed.

The Circle


Chapter 3: Demented Premonitions

Startled by the verse he had seen, his turbulence and consciousness remained to the fact that the world will be facing its destruction. And soon a new world shall be open to all those who have turned away from their own belief.  Furthermore, the generation of the diabolical revival continues. Professor Newmann predicted nothing except of the outcome of the pretentious wealth and power the amulets possess. As a matter of fact, he saw a premonition after reading the verse.

He saw the devil facing his perpetual mirror, where a slashed man over the throat had been slacken from the earth, and had been taken to the palace of infernal fire. Rumors and slanders covered the whole world. Blasphemy had taken its place throughout the unholy hearths and the stoned hearts of the wicked. And the righteous started to diminish but some remained to the hands of the father although they are aware of death upon them. Such the apocalypse would somehow open its portal as soon as the lamb perishes. This had been what the devil had planned for so long since his defeat in heaven.

After such, Professor Newmann, whose body had been covered with perspiration, instantly died. Then with his soul taken away by the grim reaper, yelled as loud as it could, but no voice had come out. After which he realized his death.

The night was dark, and rain fell throughout Massachusetts. The road was emptied with vehicles except for animals that had been awaked since the rain fell. Thunder outburst, which caused their young’s not to follow their oldies. And Hades, the abode of the dead, rejoiced while the mighty land of Olympus mourned and wept for its ruin.

Dawn had come, and Yuri, disrupted by the repulsive sound of the thunder, woke up in silence. He stood and gazed at the view behind his open window. He could not see anybody except for the tall trees outside and the beautiful flowers of her mom, which somehow caught his eyes. He could not stop but stare at it. Then he remembered the first time he laid eyes on it. He was not quite ten that time. And her sisters were eight and seven. The beautiful yellow roses amazed her mom very much. He could just remember her smiles.
While he was about to turn away from the window, he heard steps coming from their barn house. He predicted that it could be one of their horses. But as he listened to it clearly, it wasn’t a horse’s steps. It seemed like footsteps of a man. He didn’t leave his position; instead he waited for someone to get out of the  barn.  For  a  few  minutes  of  waiting,  the  barn
portal opened. He saw his father with a piece of horse’s bucket. He must have feed or gave water to the horses.

“Why would dad feed animals as early as today.” He glanced at his wall clock and he read, “3:55 am”

“Something fishy ‘s goin’ on here.” He suspected. “I better go down stairs.”

He took and put on his sleepers and opened his door. He walked in total silence towards the stairs and suddenly appeared his father going up. Yuri then went back to his room and closed it. He listened to the sound of the footsteps. Then, he busted out after hearing his parents’ door closed. He hurried himself down and got out of the house. He was not reluctant to see what he wanted to see. When he opened the barn entrance door, he saw in amazement a pony beside the mother horse. Perhaps, the pregnant one just delivered a baby.
“What the heck am I thinking? It’s only a pony.” He sighed.

Eventually, 15-year-old Katie Winchester woke up because a terrifying nightmare had occurred during her sleep. She was saddened by what her dream looked like. It was for the fact that she had not experience such nightmare in all her life. She could hardly feel her breathing. In the silence of the night, all she can hear is but the throbs of her heart. Her physique is covered with sweat. And goose bumps were appearing on her pale skin. She looked frightened and inspirited. Thus, her fears had eventually grown. It took her, however, a couple of minutes before she caught her breathe and sighted the door being slammed open.

“Kat, are you okay?” her sister asked with alarm.

“No, I’m not!” She sobbed so badly that her sister’s impression would lead her to a baby crying for milk.

“Was it a nightmare? I heard you shouted.”

Unfortunately, the teenager didn’t answer, instead, she laid her self across her bed. On the other hand, sixteen-year-old Brigitte Winchester couldn’t help her self-twisting with alarm. “Should you want me to stay with you tonight?” She breathed simultaneously as she asked.

“No Bee!” the young lass grasped. “I’m gonna be fine. I guess you better go back in your room. It’s only a nightmare. In fact, it’s not that bad. It’s just that this is the very first time I experienced one.”

“You sure?”


The black-haired, silvery-green eyed schoolgirl stood up and dashed her way out of the room reluctantly. “Call me if you need me.” Brigitte cut in.

Although Brigitte was benevolently aware of her sister’s present situation, she couldn’t face the fact that madhouse remained stocked in her mind. She tried to provoke herself for the treatment of her boyfriend’s hostility that had been his past’s legacy.   Not  even  word  of  awareness   had  come   out  from   her discourse. Perhaps she couldn’t tell him that he has been self centered, not anymore thinking of the people around. In fact, he already lost his control and started to seek the privilege to become popular. Instead of feeling pity for him, she pitted herself the most.

Eventually, all her dilemmas widened her sympathy for her siblings, for Jason Mallory, and for herself.

Early that morning, Katie woke up seeing the sun shined over her bed from the window. The wind was blowing towards her, cold and shivering. The clock was already ticking all over her ears, maximizing the sound in a progression. However, the sound banged her eardrums.

“Ouch!” she shouted as the loud noise freaked her out. “My gosh! What was that!” she taught that it could have been all but a psychological effect from her bad sleepy night. She hastily stood up and reached her opened window. Upon looking at the horizon, she got a glimpse of her brother sitting over the grass of the pastures. He was looking withered and desperate. Katie reluctantly got out of her room to approach Yuri, but before she could get out of the house, she heard her mom calling. “Katie, honey, is that you? Could you come out for a sec?”

“Uh! Yes mom” she rushed herself to the garage and saw her mom’s luggage.

“Oh my gosh! I almost forgot that you’re leaving. Oh mom, I’m so sorry. I’ve been so busy lately and I didn’t realize that…” she looked dispirited.

“It’s okay honey, I understand” Mrs. Winchester embraced her youngest.

“No mom’ it’s not okay” she sobbed

“Don’t say that honey and don’t you cry, I’m only gone for about a week.” She soothed her.

“I know” she smiled. “Take care of your self”

“No, you take care of yourself and don’t let those nightmares frighten you.”
“You know?”

“Of course I do…”she broke out. Not a minute long, Yuri and his mom drove away via airport.

Meanwhile, the Radcliffe Admission Office was filled with people and media men. Reporters and Policemen were covering the whole building.

“Could have been a crime scene!” Said a lady wearing am amber cowl’s neck top, and a Ladies Touch branded flipped skirt. She was one the administrators of the Institution, whose name was Mrs. Cameron Chatham.

“No! It’s an illness. He died in an illness.” A bearded old man replied in an insignificantly deep voice.

“How would you know?” Mrs. Chatham suspiciously asked.

“Remember that I’m a policeman ma’am.” He smiled politely.

“Uh, Mr. Policeman…”

“That would be Deputy Inspector Jorge Klein.”

“Okay deputy, I want an investigation with regards to the death of Professor Friederich Von Newmann. And I want it as soon as possible.” She demanded cautiously.

“Yes Madam!”

NO CLASSES…NO CLASSES…NO CLASSES. This had been the students’ assault towards the Radcliffe College Administrators. Still, they would   not  agree  on such  appeal.   They   say that   classes should be of regular state, which means that a death of a professor would not be an excuse to cancel classes.

However, Pierre, the professor’s son went all the way to his father’s corpse and mourned. He could not stop on blaming her adopted sister for leaving his father during his schooling in Europe.

“This wouldn’t happen it wasn’t for that bastard, that thief. We trusted her but she was but a snake on the grass. After dad had given her all she wanted, she left and for the most part, he took dad’s possession?” He sobbed like a baby. “Mom was right about her. I should have listened to her.”

“No, stop it Pierre, don’t blame Mary for that. It’s not her fault” Professor Guy comforted him.

“Of course its her fault. Daddy suffered longing for her, and not knowing that on just a few months he’ll be gone. DEAD! He’s dead because of that suffering. I pitied him so much that I cant bear to look at him.” He clenched his fist and later punched it on the wall. Guy could hardly feel his grief. In fact, he didn’t notice that tears were already falling from his eyes.

“I love your father very much!”

“I love him too! Yet he doesn’t love me, as much as his love for Mary. “

The news about the professor’s death was dispersed all around the globe. Saddened by the information, Mary, who was presently residing with his outrageous and scandalous boyfriend, experienced a bitter pill, and guilt somehow bugged her conscience. She felt that she was lying on a bed of nails; she could feel the pointed ends of the nails penetrating through her skin, all over her plump and light skin-toned physique. Likewise, she shed tears and moaned with bereavement.

Mary Newmann was the professor’s favorite child for an unknown reason. She was being adopted when Pierre was still 12 of age, and she was not quite 8 years old. But, the professor’s wife didn’t like her because she was a peasant girl from Vietnam and was so ignorant and naïve, unlike Mrs. Abby Gresham Livingston Newmann who was rich and was a daughter of an English envoy, Lord Edward Albert Livingston. She toured around the world with Pierre and leaving Mary alone. Even so, Pierre still considered her a sister and friend. When her mother died, Pierre was sent by his father to a boarding school in New York. After he graduated his high school, he continued his college in London with his English grandfather. After which, he joined the British-English-French expeditions in Europe where he met the French fiancée of his named Leigh Harper. His real name was Pierre Edward Albert Livingston Newmann. He was believed to follow his grandfather’s footsteps, since he’s the only grandchild. Soon, Ms Leigh Harper would be Mrs. Leigh Harper Newmann, lady of Lord Pierre Edward Albert Livingston Newmann.

Katie who was making breakfast saw a little puss under the kitchen table. She was egotistically aware that they are not raising animals and so as their neighbors. Without reluctance, she hastily grabbed the orange tabby kitten.

“Hey there little pussy.” She smiled as the feline affectionately wiggled  its  tail. “Oh,  you’re  so cute,   but I can’t keep you . Where’s your mommy? Have you lost her? Don’t you worry we’re goin’ to find her and your siblings as well, if you have.”

Not a moment long, while dancing the kitten in her arms, she suddenly felt her head ached. Unfortunately, she lost hold over the cat, and it fell; yet it was able to reach the ground with both paws. She did not take a moment long realizing that she’s seeing another horrifying, this time not a nightmare, but a premonition. She saw Chris Wilder who held his own self on a rope towards his neck. Then he tightly locked the rough, 1 inch in diameter rope. Suddenly, he started to struggle.  He was screaming with fear, groaning with pain, and cried with regret as he died on his own desire to murder his own life.

“NOOOOOO!!!!” she screamed and sobbed with fear.

With alarm, Brigitte hurriedly appeared on the room.

“What happened?” Brigitte asked, loosing her grip.

“We have to go Harvard right now.” Katie said

“But we haven’t eaten our breakfast yet”

“I don’t care, someone’s gonna take his own life”

“I don’t know…we have to stop him!” She continued sobbing.

“Wait, what are you taking about. Are goin’ crazy?”

“No, I’m not. Believe me sis, its true. I saw it.”

“Okay then, let’s go. We don’t have time to loose.” Believing finally, Brigitte let loose her own dilemmas, and got on the go together with her sister. Together they drove their way to Harvard.



  1. This is still a draft. The writing is on going. Perhaps, before 2011 ends, the story is already done. Lord please send me an inspiration for my writing. It’s been three long years since I stopped writing this story. I hope I wake up one day with the pen on my hand, ready to write.

  2. and i feel really inspirited today, i cant even put the right words to complete the next chapter. its really bad.

  3. tom

    Great post thanks

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